Subsea specialist Hydra enters the saturation diving market

Written by Nick Blenkey
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M/V Subsea Responder

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 — Port Arthur, Texas, headquartered offshore and subsea construction specialist Hydra has entered the saturation diving market with a powerful diving support vessel.

Trevor Davis, president and CEO, reports that the company has converted its flagship vessel, the M/V Subsea Responder, for the role, acquiring a saturation diving system to prepare for an influx of projects as the oil and gas industry experiences an upturn.

“The oil and gas industry is showing signs of a bounce back after reaching a five-year low,” Davis says. “During that time, not all companies servicing the industry survived, which has left a need in the marketplace we’re eager to fill.”

Founded in 2010, Hydra is a leading provider of offshore and subsea construction. Adding saturation diving capabilities to its full-suite of services was the strategic next step, says Brent Sappington, Hydra project manager.

“The decision to convert the M/V Subsea Responder was easy,” says Sappington. “As an inspection, maintenance and repair vessel, she already had existing equipment and 60-ton active heave compensated crane that made the alteration ideal.”

Newly installed on the vessel, the SAT-14 is a 12-man saturated diving system that allows longer duration in-water working time and greater working depths than are achievable using surface diving techniques.

“Our company is excited about the prospect of being part of the oil and gas industry’s rebound,” Davis says. “We’re hoping to meet the needs of this new market with an efficient vessel and well-trained team.”

SAT 14

The 12-man SAT-14 saturation diving system is certified and operated in accordance with International Maritime Contractors Association guidelines and codes of practice for offshore diving operations. The compact system consists of dive and saturation control, Divex diver’s hot water unit, Divex diver gas reclaim, Divex ECU, Divex potable water unit, 9-man deck decompression chamber, 12-man hyperbaric rescue chamber and a 3-man diving bell. Using helium/ oxygen mixtures, the SAT-14 allows longer duration in-water working time and at greater depths than are achievable using air diving techniques.

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