Mars A TLP to get 650-ton additional living quarters unit

Written by Nick Blenkey

mars AMAY 31, 2012 —Shell Offshore Inc. has contracted with LoneStar Marine Shelters of Galveston, Texas to fabricate the 607 ton, 76 bed auxiliary living quarters for the Shell Mars “A” expansion. The Mars ʺAʺ TLP, located in Mississippi Canyon Block 807, within the Gulf of Mexico, is being expanded to provide additional living and office space for offshore personnel.

The new USCG certified, single lift, three level structure measures in at 72 ft long x 40 ft  wide x 45 ft high.

Unlike traditional living quarters, the structure is engineered around four ultra‐heavy plate girders designed to support a temporary 230 ton offshore crane, which will be bolted on to the roof of the building upon integration with the platform. This design feature provides the Shell platform with exceptional operating capabilities, as this is one of the largest cranes ever installed on an offshore building structure.

EDG Consulting Engineers Inc., of Metarie, La., designed the complex to meet Shell’s stringent operational and safety standards. The perimeter of the building is constructed to meet a 0.65 bar blast rating, A‐60 & A‐0 fire ratings, as well as high thermal and sound attenuation requirements.

The living quarters consist of staterooms, laundry facilities, break room, electrical and communication rooms, conference room, offices, and restrooms. A redundant chilled water HVAC System has been provided to control for the Gulf of Mexicoʹs ambient temperature.

The completed structure will be rolled onto an ocean going barge at LoneStar’s reinforced bulkhead using self‐propelled articulated movers. The building will then be braced, welded, and secured to the receiving barge, destined for the awaiting Mars A TLP on location in the GOM. The transit to the Mars A TLP will occur in the third quarter of 2012

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