Latest Vroon AHTS has Oil Recovery notation

Written by Nick Blenkey

Vroon AthosJULY 19, 2012 — Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) has taken delivery of VOS Athos from Fujian Southeast Shipyard. The vessel is the first of 59-metre “A class” anchor handling tug supply vessels being built at this yard for Vroon to have the additional ABS class notation “Oil recovery Class 2.”.

The “A-class” vessels are slightly more advanced than the “H-type” and “T-Type” AHTS vessels also operated by Vroon, having a bigger bow thruster (8 MT) and, in addition, a stern thruster (6 MT). Consequently, they have improved maneuvering and station-keeping capabilities. VOS Athos has a DP-1 notation.

The vessel will be operated by Vroon Offshore Services Pte Ltd in Singapore.


Length o.a     59.25 m
Beam    14.95 m
BHP    5,150 BHP
Bollard Pull    66.2 tonnes

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