De Chateauvieux controlled Jaccar increases stake in Bourbon

Written by Nick Blenkey

jacquesdeCParis-headquartered offshore services giant Bourbon reports that Jaccar Holdings SA has acquired 945,000 additional shares in Bourbon. This takes Jaccar’s stake in Bourbon from 24.6 percent to 26.04 percent of the capital and 25.7 percent to 27.12 percent of the voting rights.

Jaccar Holdings was created in 1984 to become the private holding company of Bourbon Chairman Jacques de Chateauvieux and has built up its holdings in the Bourbon through buying shares over the last 25 years.

Jaccar Holdings’ other investments include a 23 percent stake in Chinese shipbuilder Sinopacific.

Jaccar Holdings SA issued a statement on its latest share acquisition saying:

“The Luxembourg company Jaccar Holdings, acting alone, has risen above the 25 percent threshold of the capital in Bourbon subsequent to the acquisition of a block of 945,000 shares.

“This purchase was made with Jaccar Holding group’s own funds.

“Jaccar Holdings continues acting as a shareholder, namely a shareholder desirous of accompanying the development and strategy decided on by the Board of Directors of Bourbon.

“The company will continue to manage its participation actively, and plans to reinforce its position as and when the opportunity rises. Jaccar Holdings does not intend to take over Bourbon

“Jaccar Holdings is represented on the Board of Directors of Bourbon by Mr. Jacques de Chateauvieux and Mrs. Lan Vo, respectively CEO and director with delegated powers of Jaccar Holdings, and Board member and manager of the Vietnamese branch of Jaccar Holdings.

“Jaccar Holdings does not intend to request an increase in the number of members on the Board of Bourbon.”

January 23, 2012

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