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Westar Marine opts for MobileOps cloud-based solution

Written by Marine Log Staff
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JULY 13, 2017—Thanks to the ongoing development of cloud-based applications, smartphones and tablets have become powerful tools for helping vessel operators improve the management of their fleets. One company working in this space is MobileOps, Inc., Woodinville, WA, which recently signed an agreement with San Francisco-based tug and barge operator Westar Marine Services to use its cloud-based solution MobileOps across its fleet of tugs and crewboats to augment the company’s safety, quality and maintenance initiatives. The MobileOps platform assists maritime businesses with regulatory compliance, increases engagement and promotes safety.

“The ease of flexibility of MobileOps has provided us with the ability to integrate several programs into one platform,” says Westar Marine Vice President Dave Morrow. “The outstanding support we receive from the MobileOps team will help to give us the ability to customize the program to meet the maritime industry’s regulatory requirements.”

The MobileOps platform, for instance, is helpful in assisting companies comply with the U.S. Coast Guard’s Subchapter M regulations, as well as the AWO’s Responsible Carrier Program, ISO, and ISM. It also supports operators vessel maintenance activities.The MobileOps platform is a cloud-based subscription solution that includes both the Web Application and an offline-capable iPad application called Voyager. The Voyager app allows data to be input, stored, and then synced with the MobileOps platform once within cellular range, allowing for seamless and efficient communications with shoreside personnel.

Other MobileOps clients include Western Towboat, Cook Inlet Tug & Barge, Coastal Transportation, Anderson Tug & Barge, and Delta Western, Inc.

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