Victor Restis denies allegations of Iran ties

Written by Nick Blenkey

Enterprises RestisMAY 14, 2013 —  Prominent Greek shipowner Victor Restis has responded sharply to accusations made by UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) accusing him and two of his companies of having dealings with Iranian  oil and shipping companies and sanctions designated individuals, including Dimitris Cambis.

Today, Athens headquartered Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A issued the following statement:

In response to a manufactured report, Mr. Victor Restis, in his personal capacity and as shareholder of Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A., and all affiliated companies, unequivocally and categorically refutes any involvement, arrangement or transaction of any kind whatsoever between him and any of his affiliated companies with Mr. Dimitris Cambis or any of the companies or entities Mr. Cambis represents. Mr. Restis refutes with the same emphasis and sentiment denies any involvement, arrangement or transaction with any other sanctioned entity including the National Iranian Oil Company and/or National Iranian Tanker Company. Mr. Restis rejects any arbitrarily manufactured ‘indications’ that insinuate the opposite. Mr. Restis reserves his rights to defend his own and his affiliated companies’ ethics, reputation and integrity.

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