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Sirius Shipping invests in SKF online status monitoring

Written by Nick Blenkey
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OCTOBER 13, 2017 — Donsö, Sweden, headquartered chemical tanker specialist Sirius Shipping is fitting selected machinery components on a number of its ships with an SKF online status monitoring solution with measurement sensors to increase the reliability of critical rotating equipment on board.

“Maintenance work is a continuous process on board. We go into the shipyard for planned stoppages, roughly once every 30 months. There we review everything that we can’t when the ship is in operation, such as inspecting the bottom, rudder, propeller, machine parts in the engine and gearbox,” says Sirius’s Stefan Johansson. “Fortunately, we have done fairly well in avoiding major breakdowns. It is very costly if something happens, so we want to prevent the risks as much as we can.”

Monitoring the reduction gearbox, which drives the propeller shaft, and the generator, which is also driven by the reduction gearbox, increases the safety of the system .

Sirius Shipping’s Nimbus and Marinus vessels are the first to have the SKF solution installed, they will be followed by the Neptunus and Scorpius.

The system chosen is SKF’s IMx-8, a compact system that offers sophisticated functions taken from its bigger brothers, IMx-16 and IMx-32. Sensors monitor machine parts and transmit signals online to SKF’s certified Remote Diagnostic Center in Hamburg, where specialists report machinery deviations.

“They are aware of deviations and can see immediately if we have gone in to carry out any service measures on the machinery. That is a great help to us along the way. I see it as a good step in the right direction in order to achieve greater predictability, which feels good”, says Johansson.

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