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Singapore shipyard completes two spill response barges for B.C

Written by Marine Log Staff
spill response barge

Spill response barges will join the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) fleet of pollution response vessels

The ASL Shipyard in Singapore has recently completed two Robert Allan Ltd.-designed 3,500 tonne oil spill response barges, Sentinel 303 and Sentinel 304. They are set to arrive in Canada by year’s end and will join the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) fleet of pollution response vessels stationed along the south coast of British Columbia, making a significant addition to the pollution response capabilities already in place.

Key particulars of the response barges are:

Length, overall: 76.0 meters
Beam, molded: 20.0 meters
Depth, least molded: 6.4 meters
Maximum draft (navigational): 4.6 meters
Gross tonnage: 2822

The response barges were constructed to ABS rules with the following notation:


Tank capacities are:

Recovered oil: 3,785 cubic meters
Fuel oil: 125 cubic meters
Potable water: 150 cubic metersSewage tank: 100 m3
Grey water: 100 cubic meters

Accommodations are outfitted to high, MLC-compliant standards for a crew of up to 20 personnel. The ten double crew cabins are located on the accommodation deck with, the galley, mess/lounge, and office/control room located on the forecastle.

The electrical plant comprises four identical Caterpillar C4.4 diesel gensets each with a power output of 118 ekW.

The aft deck is the main working deck and contains all the oil spill response equipment. The spill containment systems consist of four unsheltered booms stored in containers with hydraulic reels, Current Buster No. 4 and Current Buster No. 6 stored in a single container with hydraulic reels, and four containers of general-purpose boom. There is ample storage for absorbents, mission-specific containers, general equipment, decontamination gear, dry storage, and a containerized workspace.

Two small vessel docks are stored onboard and can be deployed on port and starboard sides to allow other response vessel crews to embark/disembark to/from the response barges and facilitates the transfer of recovered oil from the response vessels to the response barge. A Desmi Terminator skimmer and hose reel allows the response barges to recover oil floating on the surface. Two mini storage barges are stowed on deck and can be deployed in the field to aid in the response.

A Norcrane fixed-boom crane with a SWL of 9 tonnes at 19 meters is fitted aft to handle the oil spill response gear and hoses.

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