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Ship Supply International launches Small Ship Group

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 31, 2016 — Miami, FL, headquartered Ship Supply International has formed a new division, the Small Ship Group, to provide a dedicated focus on the specific needs of smaller ocean, expedition and river cruise operators.

The Small Ship Group offers an integrated suite of ship management, passenger sales and cruise marketing services for vessels with capacity under 1,000 guests.

Led by ship management veteran Jim Barreiro de Leon and cruise line executive Hans Rood, the Small Ship Group will provide turnkey ship management solutions and combine sales support with marketing services to small ship and tour operators.

The group will partner with shipowners to obtain viable charters, while working with charterers to address available cabin inventory needs and intends to be the driving force bringing new ships to market.

“Adding this new division strengthens Ship Supply’s organization and further demonstrates our commitment to being a leader in the maritime service sector,” commented Jim Barreiro de Leon, Managing Director of Ship Supply. “The Small Ship Group will utilize the full extent of the Ship Supply logistics network to offer competitive pricing and creative new ways to provide cruise management services.”

The Small Ship Group Managing Director Hans Rood commented, “What makes us so unique is the combination of ship management with the shared responsibility of marketing ships’ capacity. We will focus on providing these services in-line with operator branding requirements, while also creating a rewarding yet affordable experience for owners and operators of small size cruise vessels.”

Ship Supply has provided high quality goods and services to the maritime industry for nearly fifty years. The company offers port logistic services 24 hours per day / seven days per week, catering to a range of specialty vessels and end-markets.

Ship Supply offers seamless service to customers at over 100 domestic and international ports, providing a comprehensive solution for in-port requirements.

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