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Pyro-torq coating system receives ABS approval

Written by Marine Log Staff

pyroSEPTEMBER 14, 2012—Valve and automation technology specialist, ISCOLA, Inc., recently announced that its product, Pyro-Torq, has earned ABS approval as the only coating system currently approved for fire protection of aluminum pneumatic actuators. Pyro-Torq is an engineered coating that when exposed to fire expands and forms a matrix of air infused pockets that prevent the transfer of heat.

Current ABS regulations require that carbon steel or stainless steel actuators be supplied on valves that are in fuel oil or liquid mud services. The company says that operators using valve actuators employing the Pyro-Torq coating technology will now be able to use the aluminum Pyro-Torq actuators in fuel oil, liquid mud and other marine and offshore applications.

Recently, ISCOLA, Inc. successfully completed rigorous testing on its Pyro-Torq actuators at an internationally recognized testing laboratory.

ISCOLA, Inc. points out that there are several benefits to using Pyro-Torq actuators over carbon steel or stainless steel actuators on Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels and Offshore Supply Vessels. Aluminum actuators weigh about 50% less than carbon steel and stainless steel actuators, take up less space and are less expensive—with the price for the Pyro-Torq aluminum actuators 30 to 40% less than its steel counterpart. Additionally, ISCOLA adds that the Pyro-Torq technology could potentially save operators up to $50,000 on a typical OSV, depending on its design.

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