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MTNW offers bollard pull measuring equipment rentals

Written by Nick Blenkey

bollard pullJANUARY 15, 2013 — Seattle-based Measurement Technology NW (MTNW) is now renting out tension measuring equipment for bollard pull testing. The equipment includes tension measuring links, shackles, running line tensiometers, and data-logging equipment. It will measure line tension up to 1,000,000 lb.

“Over the years, we have offered equipment for bollard pull testing and certification for tugboats and now we have invested in and made available a fleet of rental devices so that more naval architects, tugboat operations managers, and engineers can perform these services on their own,” said Tom Rezanka, Vice President MTNW.

MTNW’s tension monitoring systems include a certified tension link, local display and a laptop PC with data-logging software. Rezanka explains,

“The system is plug-and-play for quick set up which allows for more time testing and lower fuel costs,” says Mr. Rezanka . The engineer can now watch the tension locally, but also know that the data-logging software is catching every spike and valley for post-test analysis.”

The WinchDAC software prints easy-to-read PDFs of each test.

MTNW’s equipment is certified regularly on ABS certified test beds and MTNW will work with certifying witnesses from DNV, ABS, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas and any other required certifying body.

Recently, MTNW supported the Glosten Associates work with a tugboat bollard pull test in Coos Bay, Oregon. The trials were to test and verify the anticipated bollard pull of a number of tugs.

“The MTNW tension monitoring system and engineer provided the tension data that we required to perform our analysis,” saidGlosten’s Ken Lane. “The MTNW system captured the line tension data easily which allowed us to focus on other experimental issues. Their data collection tools allowed us to efficiently post-process data and complete the analysis. We would work with MTNW on this kind of testing again.”

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