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MSC opts for Jotun Hull Performance Solutions for 12 ships

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MSC Oscar, the world's largest capacity containership, on sea trials

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 — Jotun Marine Coatings reports that Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has opted for Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) on 12 vessels – including the world’s largest containership the 19,224 TEU MSC Oscar, delivered by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering  (DSME) last month.

With almost 500 vessels, MSC has one of the world’s largest fleets of containerships. To help the company reduce bunkering fuel costs and associated CO2 emissions, MSC undertook a comprehensive program to improve fuel efficiency in 2011. During this period, it worked in close cooperation with Jotun to evaluate hull performance and launch a pilot program to test the impact of antifouling on speed loss. Jotun’s SeaQuantum X200 was applied to the 8,772 TEU containership MSC Adelaide, delivered from the Sungdong shipyard in Korea in 2013.

Senior marine engineers from MSC’s Technical Office have confirmed that initial results on the MSC Adelaide have been very encouraging.

“SeaQuantum X200 has shown to be an effective antifouling technology to lower fuel costs and associated carbon emissions, consistent with MSC’s commitment to a healthier supply chain,” their statement read. “We valued the quality of Jotun’s technical service during all phases of the project and have since chosen SeaQuantum X200 HPS for a number of other vessels.”

“MSC has remained a true giant in the container segment by quietly making smart investments at the right time to improve their business and improve environmental performance,” says Roberto Multari, Jotun’s regional Marine Sales Directo”We are confident that they have made the right choice with HPS.”

Jotun’s HPS concept combines premium marine coatings (SeaQuantum X200), priority technical service and on-board monitoring tools to measure hull performance over time, providing an analytical basis for the company’s unique money-back guarantee that covers the entire period between drydockings.
HPS was developed in part to provide the industry with real time-data on long-term hull performance. That data allows owners to make more informed decisions about marine coatings and ship operations, and help them distinguish between competing coatings suppliers and quantify the impact of antifoulings on fuel usage.

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