LPG-fueled COGES ferry design marks a milestone

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MAY 23, 2017 — GE’s Marine Solution’s reports that the world’s first liquid propane gas (LPG)-fueled ferry design to use GE’s  (COGES) system has successfully completed Hazard Identification (HAZID) meetings.

The ferry is being designed by a consortium of Youngsung Global, DINTEC, Korea LPG Industry Association, GE’s Marine Solutions and Far East Ship Design & Engineering Co. (FESDEC).

Youngsung Globa, will own the ferry, DINTEC will own it and FESDEC is the naval architect. GE’s Marine Solutions is the COGES propulsion system provider

Classification society Bureau Veritas chaired the HAZID meetings. All consortium members were represented as were SK Gas and E1 who are members of the Korea LPG Industry Association. The meetings took place over a three-day period in Busan and, says Brien Bolsinger, GE’s Vice President, Marine Operations, Cincinnati, Ohio, are “a crucial tool used to identify hazards and safeguards at the early ship design stage.”

“With HAZID meetings successfully completed, the consortium will proceed with securing a shipbuilding contract and will seek Approval in Principle to further validate the safety of the ship design including the COGES propulsion system and the LPG fuel supply,” Bolsinger added.

Traditionally, a new ship design undergoes a series of processes from research and development to ship architecture and design, HAZID and AIP certification, and finally onto contracts with the shipyard and suppliers. Therefore, meeting HAZID requirements is considered a key milestone in ensuring the final success of the LPG COGES ferry design process.

The LPG-fueled ferry project provides an opportunity to showcase how Korean technologies advance the global marine industry. In addition, the project allows local Korean companies to participate in the full scope from designing the ferry to building major operational equipment, such as LPG tanks and fuel supply systems.

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