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Hayata introduces the SmartTag 4500

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Hayata SmartTag 4500

Carrollton, Texas, headquartered Hayata, an industry leader in tagging operations support, has announced a significant upgrade to its automated machine line up, The SmartTag 4500.

Designed to output a variety of Hayata tag sizes and materials, the rugged unit can emboss alphanumeric characters and 2D data barcode tags and, at 10% faster than the SmartTag 2500, the SmartTag 4500 can output up to 450 tags per hour.

Designed for medium- to high-volume tagging operations, the unit features a new touchscreen interface, wi-fi connectivity and new management and security features.

SmartTag 4500 comes in two configurations. The base model outputs alphanumeric characters on a variety of tag sizes, thicknesses and materials, while the SmartTag 4500D can also output 2D data barcodes.

According to Hayata president Tom Crouch, the high-tech tagging machine has the features which will make tagging operations more efficient.

“The 4500 has new features, such as wi-fi connectivity, that our customers have been asking for.” he says. The touch screen, easy-to-use software and higher tag output speeds make this machine a must-have for tagging operations.”

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