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Crowley Maritime one of America’s healthiest companies

Written by Marine Log Staff
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JUNE 13, 2017—Privately held Crowley Maritime Corp. has again been named as one of the Healthiest Companies in America by Interactive Health, a national leader for personalized wellness solutions.

It’s the fourth year in a row that the Jacksonville, FL-based shipping company has been recognized as one of 156 companies nationally that help employees improve their health, sometimes with life-saving changes. No other shipping, maritime companies, or shipbuilders were among those chosen.

By implementing wellness programs, Interactive Health says companies can not only get happy and healthier employees, but also reduce medical costs and get employees back to work faster. It reports that on average it helped reduce medical spend by up to $1,332 per member per year, got employees back to work from short-term disability 17 days sooner, and recognized a 20% lower medical spend.

Crowley’s Katy Keene, Manager, Employee Programs, says, “Crowley employees embrace wellness as part of leading a healthy lifestyle, and it shows in the results—enhanced health and wellness among our workers and their families.” Continues, Keene, “Our company understands the benefits of leading a balanced life and supports employees to develop healthy habits, participate in exercise, manage work-life balance, understand emotional well-being, and use resources supporting healthy lifestyles at home and at work.”

Over 1,700 Crowley employees and spouses participated in Crowley’s Live Well health evaluation and wellness program in 2016.

As Crowley has emphasized wellness programs, employee health improvements have surpassed baseline trends among companies participating with Interactive Health. Achievements by Crowley employees include:  

• 91 percent of members scored in the low risk range in 2015, and remained low risk in 2016

• 45 percent of members who scored in the moderate risk range in 2015 remained or improved in that range in 2016

• 43 percent of members with a health score in the high risk range in 2015 improved in 2016

• Tobacco usage decreased, as 87 participants have quit using tobacco since 2013.

Interested in a healthier lifestyle at work and at home? You should read our Wellness Column, written exclusively every month for MARINE LOG by Emily Reiblein, Crowley Maritime Corporation Labor Relations-Union Wellness Programs/Operations Integrity. The latest installment can be found here:



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