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Celebrity Silhouette has GEA Westfalia Separator technology on board

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celebsilhomicroDelivered by German shipbuilder Meyer Werft earlier this year, the latest addition to the Celebrity Cruises fleet is the 319 m Celebrity Silhouette. It pampers its 2,886 passengers with such attractions as a genuine lawn, and fine restaurants with unique features. For instance, the center point of the stylish main restaurant is a double-decker wine tower by the designer Tihany, with more than 480 different wines.

Also on board the cruise ship, of course, are many sophisticated technical systems that passengers will never be aware of — including the latest fuel and lubricating oil processing and sludge treatment facilities by GEA Westfalia Separator Group.

In order to ensure reliable fuel supply to the drive systems, a Westfalia Separator(R) centripack with four OSD 60 separators was installed. The concept of the centripack provides the opportunity of combining all necessary separators into a single unit, supplying this unit to the yard with all pipe work and control modules in place, which very much simplifies the installation process. An installed Westfalia Separator(R) ViscoBoosterUnit ensures optimum adjustment of the viscosity, temperature and pressure of the engine oil to the requirements of the manufacturer.

A further centripack with four OSD 35 separators and one OSD 6 is used to continuously remove water and other contaminants from the lubricating oil. The trend towards using high-viscosity fuel and lubricating oils means that the volume of sludge is increasing.


SludgeMaster 300

With the SludgeMaster(R) system, GEA Westfalia Separator Group has found a convincing solution to efficiently process sludges which contain oil and water and to reduce the sludge volume by up to 95 percent. This protects the eco system of the oceans and dramatically reduces disposal costs. A SludgeMaster(R) 300 is used for this purposes on the Celebrity Silhouette.

October 21, 2011

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