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Cat offers part load kits for MaK M 32 E engine platform

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 — Caterpillar Marine has introduced optional part load kits for the MaK M 32 E platform. Developed specifically for offshore vessels, the kits are available for both constant speed and variable speed operations. Both kits combine lowest possible fuel consumption in part load range with highest possible power output at full load.

Offshore vessel applications, specifically Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) and Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels, typically encounter a significant period during their lifetime where they have limited power demand from the engines. Operating in stand-by or dynamic positioning mode often requires the use of multiple engines in combination with low power consumption, resulting in low load operation of two or three engines at the same time. The part load kits enables all vessels operating M 32 E engines primarily in the part load range improved fuel efficiency, load acceptance and reduced smoke.

 “It was a big challenge for us to implement a part load optimization into the increased power rating concept without sacrificing the reliability and durability MaK marine engine platforms are known for,” said Carsten Seeburg, MaK product definition manager. “Additionally, the M 32 E part load kits reduce operating costs and help to improve vessel owner bottom lines.”

The constant speed part load kit for M 32 E offers fuel savings up to 10 g/kWh with a 3×33% load step capability. The kit includes the proven Flexible Camshaft Technology and an intelligent control software integrated into the new Modular Alarm Control and Safety (MACS) System.

The variable speed part load kit for M 32 E is based on the constant speed part load kit with the same improvements but with increased fuel savings up to 24 g/kWh. The variable speed kit is able to achieve reduced fuel consumption as a result of the reduced engine speed at lower loads. Key components in the variable speed part load kit include a modified turbocharger, a cylinder bypass valve and waste gate.

“For our offshore customers operating their ships in the part-load range, the need to be able to provide the lowest fuel consumption possible is paramount,” Mr. Seeburg noted. “In these applications, the maximum power output is typically needed less than 8% of their annual operating hours. However, if the vessel needs to go full throttle, the operator can rest assured that the M 32 E engine optimized with a part load kit is more than capable of providing the thrust needed.”

The M 32 E offered with the new part load kit fits into the Cat Marine product line between the full load optimized  M 32 C and the fuel flexible M 34 DF

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