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Bourbon Front heads for North Sea

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bourbonfrontmicroBourbon Front, a latest-generation Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), has left Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group’s Zhejiang shipyard, in China. The vessel is the first PX 105 PSV to be built by Zheijiang (see report in our September 2011 issue).


“Bourbon Front is the first vessel of a new Bourbon series of four, with Bourbon Clear, Bourbon Calm and Bourbon Rainbow” says Christian Lefèvre, CEO of Bourbon. “This series, as all our series, emphasizes Bourbon’s focus on client satisfaction through safety, cost efficiency, reliability and competencies.”

Bourbon Front will first operate in the North Sea, and will be managed by Bourbon Offshore Norway.

Designed by Ulstein Design AS, in cooperation with Bourbon Offshore Norway, the vessel is equipped with dynamic positioning class 2 and integrates numerous innovative technologies.

Bourbon Front is Bourbon’s first vessel to be equipped with the MACS system. Developed with Per Gjerdrum AS, the Multi Application Cargo Solution allows for maximum cargo flexibility through the use of combination tanks working for different types of cargo such as drill cutting, dry bulk, synthetic fluids, fuel oils and oil recovery. In addition, the vessel is provided with 12 cargo tanks, each with a deep well pump, allowing a maximum number of cargo grades to be carried concurrently.

By allowing one tank to be used for multiple cargoes, the MACS system also improves storage capacity versus conventional offshore vessel design solutions.

Bourbon Front is also Bourbon’s first supply vessel to be equipped with the Mecmar wet exhaust system. Engine exhausts are positioned just above the water line. This design choice eliminates the need for conventional exhaust stacks, providing a near 360° panoramic view from the bridge maneuver positions. It also results in quieter and more comfortable accommodations.

The series also features the Ulstein X-Bow. Already adopted on the Bourbon Orca, Bourbon Mistral and Bourbon Monsoon, this design allows a vessel to cut efficiently through the waves to decrease pitching and interior noise and vibrations.

As with every new Bourbon supply vessel, the series is equipped with diesel-electric propulsion. By lowering fuel consumption, this system ensures efficient operational cost reduction.

Length overall: 88.90 m
Breadth molded:19.00 m
Depth: 8.00 m
Max Draft: 6.60 m
Deadweight: 4,250 mt
Gross / Net tonnage: 3,950 / 1,185

Cargo deck area: (62,28m x16,07 ) 1,017 m2
Deck load: (10 mt/m2) 2,421 m3
ORO: 1,914 m3
Fresh water/FW cargo: (265 m3/545 m3) 810 m3
Ballast/Drill water (WB tank)1,627 m3
MACS TANKS: (8 tanks/ total: 925 m3).
4 tanks: (dry bulk/mud/brine/FOc/GLY/base oil/ORO/slop/DW) 392 m3
4 tanks: (mud/brine/FOc/GLY/base oil/ORO/slop/DW) 533 m3
PRODUCT TANKS: ( 6 tanks/ total: 538 m3).
2 tanks: (mud/brine/FOc/GLY/base oil/slop/ORO/DW) 184 m3
4 tanks: (brine/FOc/GLY/base oil/Slop/ORO/DW) 354 m3
(The vessel can take a range of NLS products allowed for IMO Type 3 vessels, in total max: 800 m3).
6 tanks: (meth/XYL/GLY/base oil/FOc/slop/ORO/DW/FW cargo in 2 tanks)

September 27, 2011

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