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Alphatron and JRC get set for Sea Asia

Written by Nick Blenkey
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APRIL 11 – Alphatron Marine and JRC will use the upcoming Sea Asia exhibition in Singapore to showcase the latest navigation and communications platforms and solutions, including two state-of-the-art bridge solutions designed tomake life and work on the bridge easier and more comfortable, while reducing the chance of errors.

The first is a fully integrated one-man bridge with three 46-inch screens designed for offshore and patrol vessels, showing navcom info at a glance from a comfortable captain’s chair, with all instruments and operating panels within arm’s reach. The second is the tugboat and ferry variant, designed together with one of the world’s largest tugboat operators. The bridge solution offers good visibility all-round the vessel and ensures ship control without compromise.

Alphatron will also be showing its our robustly designed AlphaEye, a new generation service tool that allows crew onboard to call through a dedicated (satellite, 3G or 4G) communication link directly with Alphatron Marine or a third party manufacturer’s expert, providing real-time audio and video support session. With guidance from the on-shore expert, error analysis and problem solving can be achieved in a short timeframe, reducing costs for travel and possible downtime for the vessel.

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