All-electric cargo vessel will be powered by swappable batteries

Written by Nick Blenkey
Hydromover will be powered by swappable batteries

Hydromover will be powered by swappable batteries

The first all-electric cargo vessel to operate in the Port of Singapore, the Hydramover, will use Shift Clean Energy’s PwrSwäp battery-swapping technology.

The keel for the vessel was laid in Singapore yesterday at a ceremony led by its designer, SeaTech Solutions International (SeaTech), its owner, Yinson GreenTech (YGT) and members of Singapore’s Goal Zero consortium, whose industry partner supporters include Batam Fast Ferry, Bernhard Schulte and Jurong Port. In August 2021, the consortium received one of the three grants awarded by Maritime Port Authority and the Singapore Maritime Institute to research, develop, deploy and commercialize a fully electric cargo vessel with swappable battery infrastructure solutions.

Expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2023 and ready for commercialization in 2024, the lightweight, 18.5 meter Hydromover has a carrying capacity of up to 25 tonnes, including the batteries. It will be the first vessel to use Shift’s PwrSwäp swappable battery technology, a pay-as-you-go energy subscription-service that provides instant clean, renewable energy to ships without risk or obligations.


The vessel, being all-electric, has zero emissions and is targeted to achieve up to 50% operational cost savings due to improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Its battery, when depleted, can be easily swapped within minutes to minimize operational downtime.

It will also be equipped with an advanced vessel management system that will provide the crew with seamless control and which includes state-of-the-art sensors to enable future readiness of autonomous operation.

Brent Perry, CEO and founder of Vancouver, Canada, based Shift, commented: “We are thrilled to be a part of this momentous day and are honored to be a member of the Goal Zero consortium. It’s never been more critical to decarbonize the marine industry and partnerships like these are integral to moving the needle on decarbonization. PwrSwäp’s industry leading, safe and clean technology will play a vital role in revolutionizing the operations of the harbor craft sector in the Port of Singapore and beyond and helping the maritime industry meet IMO’s greenhouse gas emission targets for 2050.”

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