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ABS releases advisory on exhaust gas scrubbing

Written by Nick Blenkey

ABS eagleAPRIL 30, 2013 — Classification society ABS has released the ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems to help vessel owners and operators assess the viability of meeting environmental requirements by using exhaust scrubbers.

As the industry seeks ways to meet increasingly stringent limits on sulfur in fuel, says ABS, owners and operators should fully understand the impact of the regulations and properly assess the available technologies. Fuel switching, which is frequently utilized in Emission Control Areas (ECA) today is not expected to be a viable option in the future. Exhaust gas scrubber systems, use of higher priced low sulfur fuels and alternative fuels are among the options available to address emission requirements, but challenges remain in identifying the most suitable technology.

“Owners and operators mindful of stringent low sulfur fuel oil requirements are seeking cost-effective solutions that best meet their expected operating profile,” says ABS Vice President for Operational and Environmental Performance Howard Fireman. “This Advisory highlights the relevant regulatory and technical considerations that should be taken into account when making decisions on how to comply with emissions requirements.”

When considering technology and practices to meet emissions regulations, says ABS, its Operational and Environmental Performance team can clarify the requirements and explain the available technologies, including potential safety concerns. The team helps owners and operators determine the appropriate course of action for their unique circumstances.

“The first step towards compliance is to develop a thorough understanding of regulations and then review available technologies. The Advisory has been developed specifically for that process,” says Mr. Fireman.  “Once the options are identified, owners and operators must find the most cost-effective solution that fits within their expected operating profile and ABS is here to assist with such techno-economic analysis.”

In addition to the Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems, ABS has previously published the Fuel Switching Advisory Notice and the Guide for Propulsion and Auxiliary Systems for Gas Fueled Ships to help assess and develop solutions to meet emissions requirements.

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