Crowley joins Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative

Written by Nick Blenkey
Nico De Golia, director of global sustainability and corporate citizenship

Nico De Golia, director of global sustainability and corporate citizenship, Crowley Maritime.

Crowley Maritime Corporation has become the first U.S.-owned ship owner-operator that will publicly disclose its ship recycling policies, practices and process through the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) website. It is the thirteenth ship owner worldwide to commit to disclosure via the initiative,

Operating more than 160 commercial and public-sector vessels globally, including container ships, tank vessels, tugboats and barges, Crowley services include end-to-end marine management, including design and engineering.

“Crowley’s ambition is to be the most sustainable and innovative maritime and logistics solutions provider in the Americas by 2025. Making that vision a reality requires us as ship operators to embrace the sustainability of the total life cycle of a vessel,” said Crowley’s Nico De Golia, director of global sustainability and corporate citizenship. “We are proud to join SRTI in promoting transparency in ship recycling policies, practice and processes to promote more responsible life-cycle management of vessels.”

“Ship recycling is a material issue for all shipowners – whether they own a vessel at the beginning or end of life, and regardless of geography, size, or type of vessel. Ensuring responsible, transparent recycling is a shared responsibility for the industry, and we are glad to welcome Crowley Maritime Corporation, which brings a unique perspective as a shipowner with a largely U.S.-Jones Act compliant fleet,” said Andrew Stephens, executive director of the SRTI. “We look forward to working with Crowley and other signatories to enable ship recycling transparency everywhere.”

Crowley joins industry peers in disclosing data in five areas:

  • ship recycling policies and standards;
  • selling owned vessels for further trading;
  • ship recycling contracts;
  • ship recycling documentation; and
  • policy and standard implementation. dings Inc. is the par

The Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) publishes an annual progress report presenting a compilation of the data disclosed via the SRTI platform by twelve major shipowners, which operate over 3,400 vessels. Each shipowner’s disclosure can be viewed on the SRTI website.

In 2020, the initiative expanded the shipowner disclosure questionnaire for the first time, reflecting industry developments and ensuring that shipowners are disclosing data against a set of robust, relevant questions. It also saw the ship recycling community come together through a series of webinars discussing key topics for the industry: data and transparency; circular economy; and the role of financial stakeholders in demanding and enabling disclosure and accountability.

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