More real time nav data for cruise ships calling Cozumel

Written by Nick Blenkey
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ACM-PLUS current meter installation

JANUARY 8, 2017 — Incoming cruise ships entering the Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal in Cozumel, Mexico, can now see real-time current speed, current direction, and water temperature data displayed as part of the standard AIS (Automatic Identification System) data stream.

Two Puerta Maya Terminal piers have been fitted with ocean current monitoring systems that integrate Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI) ACM-PLUS current meters with RigStat environmental monitoring systems to transmit the real-time data using Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Transceivers. AtoN Transceivers are a sub-class of AIS that communicate critical navigation information.

“These monitoring systems will not only assist captains in navigating into our port, but will also increase the safety for the many thousands of cruise ship passengers that visit our resort city each year,” says said the General Manager of the Puerta Maya Terminal.

Cataumet, MA, based Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI) and Houston based RigStat teamed to provide a fully integrated solution that included instruments, hardware, battery backup, AIS communication, user interface software, and installation services.

This integrated system can be purchased as a standard solution, or customized to accommodate special requirements for other ports and shipping terminals. The AtoN data format is now a standard data output option on the FSI ACM-PLUS family of current sensors.


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