Jamaica’s Director of Shipping Policy completes Ph.D

Written by Nick Blenkey

EricDeansEric Deans, Director of Shipping Policy at the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), has completed a Ph.D in Marine Policy at the University of Delaware.

Dr. Deans, a well known shipping industry figure, has worked for the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) for 11 years. This month he resumes his responsibility as Director of Shipping Policy and Research and Registrar General for the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, which was administered in his absence by Mr. Seymour Harley, who now returns to his role as Registrar of Ships.

Rear Admiral Peter Brady, MAJ Director General, said: “We welcome Dr. Deans and congratulate him on his success. We are delighted that Dr. Deans has pursued research that will immediately impact the work of the MAJ.”

During his Ph.D studies Dr. Deans conducted timely and relevant research which focused on cargo flow dynamics – in particular, how containerized traffic is impacted by the Panama Canal expansion.

Dr Deans explained: “Since Jamaica is strategically located close to the Panama Canal, my research provides up-to-date insights that could allow Jamaica to capitalize on maritime opportunities with North America and South America, the Caribbean and Asia. The research analyzed shippers’ preferences for ports and designed a model that could be used to prioritize investments in ports.”

During his sabbatical Dr. Deans also acted as Jamaica’s representative to the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee and served as a member of the IMO Expert Group on market based measures to reduce ship emissions.

The strong environmental component of the academic program also provided support for his participation as a delegate. Dr. Deans authored a proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emission from ships through port state control measures. This proposal was presented by Jamaica at the 62nd session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee of the IMO.

Rear Admiral Brady said: “Completing the highest academic degree is a considerable accomplishment and the MAJ congratulates Dr. Deans and looks forward to his future contributions to Jamaica’s maritime development.”

January 23, 2012

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