New biological sewage treatment plant gets USCG approval

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AUGUST, 21, 2015—This past May, Jets Vacuum’s Ecomotive Biological Sewage Treatment Plant was approved by the United States Coast Guard. The recent USCG approval will allow U.S. shipbuilders to install the system on vessels being built at their shipyards. 

Ecomotive is certified according to current International Maritime Organization regulations IMO.MEPC 159 (55) and is also tested according to the future requirements put forth in IMO 227(64).  Ecomotive is designed as a flexible solution, with modular installation options, giving it one of the smallest footprints among biological sewage treatment products. The Ecomotive plant’s volume and footprint sizes are only 60-70% in comparison with conventional biological treatment plants.  

“Vessel owners are forward thinking. Compliance with today’s standards is good, but compliance with future standards is better.  We pride ourselves on representing technologies which not only meet customer needs today, but will meet future needs, and exceed standards and regulations,” says Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, President of Total Marine Solutions. “Ecomotive does that, which means it makes sense for vessel owners who are cost and environmentally conscious,” she adds.

Total Marine Solutions, Fort Lauderdale, FL, a leader in maritime environmental compliance solutions, represents Jets Vacuum’s Ecomotive Biological Sewage Treatment Plant.

Since debuting on the international market in 2012, Ecomotive treatment plants have been installed on 192 vessels, a majority of which operate in the offshore market.  The recent USCG approval opens the product up to North American shipbuilders.  Total Marine Solutions has already been contracted to install Ecomotive on offshore vessels in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We’ve received a lot of interest from the offshore market already,” says Anagnostis-Irons. “Now that Ecomotive is USCG approved forward thinking shipbuilders are eager to have the product outfitted and installed on their vessels.”

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