BWTS manufacturer backs its products with a compliance guarantee

Written by Nick Blenkey
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AUGUST 31, 2018 — Ecochlor Inc. has become the first ballast water management system manufacturer to back its products with a compliance guarantee.

It says that its EcoCare Compliance Guarantee demonstrates its commitment to stand firmly behind its products and services and that the guarantee “not only mitigates risk, but it will provide clients with the assurance they are investing in the best system available today and into future.”

EcoCare is a multifaceted guarantee that ensures regulatory compliance with IMO, USCG and individual U.S. state standards. Additionally, the guarantee addresses system efficacy as it pertains to treating ballast water for invasive species contamination. Finally, it insures against financial penalties up to $1,000,000 (terms and conditions apply) relating to possible fines, port charges, delays and off-hire if ballast water properly treated using Ecochlor’s BWTS fails an invasive species test.

John Morganti, Ecochlor’s VP of Sales & Marketing said, “Ecochlor is dedicated to serving our clients well-beyond the usual ballast water treatment industry expectations. The EcoCare guarantee is included with the purchase of an Ecochlor BWTS at no additional cost. The guarantee expresses our dedication and commitment to providing the very highest standards in support of our clients’ ballasting operations.”


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