Optimarin BWTS picked for advanced U.S. built trawler

Written by Nick Blenkey
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FEBRUARY 8, 2016 — An advanced stern trawler currently completing at the Dakota Creek Industries shipyard, Anacortes, WA (see earlier story), will be the first vessel in the fishing segment to be fitted with an Optimarin Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) system.

Under construction for Fisherman’s Finest, Seattle, WA, the 80 m America’s Finest is being built to Skipsteknisk ST-116XL design and has been hailed as Skipsteknisk’s most environmentally friendly vessel thus far. It combines a highly-efficient DNV GL classed +1A1 Ice 1B hull, reducing resistance in both ice and the open water, with the ability to tow, process and freeze its white- and ground fish catch at sea. Its operational area will span the North Pacific, Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.

“This is a genuinely exciting contract for Optimarin, marking a breakthrough into a sector with attractive growth potential and a need for proven environmental performance,” says Optimarin CEO Tore Andersen. “America’s Finest lives up to its name and will lead the way in standards for the entire Bering Sea fleet. Our system is the perfect match, with proven reliability, effectiveness and – thanks to its UV nature, where no chemicals are produced or discharged – impeccable environmental credentials.”

Optimar says USCG approval of its BWT system is “imminent” and that this played a key role in its selection for America’s Finest.

“USCG compliance was absolutely essential for a vessel with this kind of operational footprint,” says Mr. Anderson. “The power of the UV lamps in OBS, boasting a capacity of 35 kW, ensures they can meet USCG’s strict FDA/CFMDA criteria, eliminating all potentially invasive marine organisms in ballast water.”

The Optimar syste satisfied USCG’s comprehensive marine water tests in 2015, and Mr. Anderson now expects full approval now in autumn this year.

“This, along with our vast experience of providing flexible, reliable and easy to install technology, is a key selling point for any owner looking to trade in U.S. waters,” he says.

The new system is scheduled for delivery and installation onboard America’s Finest in April this year. Alongside its high-efficiency and advanced BWT solution, the vessel offers accommodation for 49 people, hospital facilities, and is completely insulated to protect crew from the harsh conditions of its Northern operating areas.

Other shipowners that have chosen OBS include Saga Shipholding, MOL, Grieg Shipping Group, Gulf Offshore, Farstad Shipping, NYK, Nor Line, and Evergreen Marine Corp, amongst others. The system is fully approved by IMO and certified through DNV GL, Lloyd’s, Bureau Veritas, MLIT Japan, and ABS.

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