Jan De Nul signs supply agreement with W&O

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Jan De Nul operates a fleet of over 80 dredging and offshore installation vessels worldwide. [Image: Jan De Nul]

Extending an existing 10-year relationship, dredging and installation vessel giant Jan De Nul has signed a new agreement with W&O, a leading supplier of valves, actuators, pipes and fittings to the global maritime industry.

The new two-year agreement will see W&O supply marine valves and instrumentation to Jan De Nul Group to meet the needs of its complex and specialist operations.

The two-year supply agreement ensures efficient and rapid delivery from stock of manual and actuated marine valves at a fixed competitive price level, which provides cost savings for Jan De Nul compared to current increasing market prices. The supply agreement in place allows both parties to focus on on-time delivery for all items under the contract, and when required provide Jan De Nul with technical advice for upcoming drydockings or special refit projects.

Jan De Nul operates a fleet of more than 80 dredging and offshore installation vessels in many remote areas across the world. As a marine sector specialist provider, W&O understands that dredging operations within extreme and remote environments can take a significant toll on vessels and onboard equipment. Signing a formal supply agreement ensures any replacement valves or instrumentation are provided at a set cost, protecting against unexpected costs during operations as well as offering certainty when it comes to time-based deliveries and high-stocking levels that W&O can provide.

“Throughout our 10-year relationship with Jan De Nul, W&O has focused on delivering an expert, reliable and professional service in combination with high quality products,” said Kristof Adam, general manager at W&O Europe. “We are very pleased to renew our relationship with one of the largest dredging companies in the world, and proud of the trust in our products, people and expertise that this new agreement demonstrates.”

Geert Van Damme, team manager, technical components at Jan De Nul Group, added: “In challenging marine operations, it is essential that, if equipment needs to be replaced or fails, we can secure the parts we need quickly,” added Geert Van Damme, team manager, technical components at Jan De Nul Group. “That means having a partner who is located where we are, understands our business and is highly responsive. The supply agreement with W&O is an important element in delivering smooth operations for all our teams around the world.”

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