Sanmar books two more for Svitzer, adds floating dock

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Deck of new floating dock is reinforced to 10 t/sq.m

JANUARY 12, 2016 — Copenhagen, Denmark, headquartered Svitzer is ordering two more ASD tugs from Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey.

The two latest newbuilds willservice the multi-billion dollar INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project in the Port of Darwin, Australia. They will be 80 tonne bollard pull RAstar 2800 terminal tugs with escort ability and accommodations for ten crew members and will be equipped with render/recovery winch, aft winch, FIFI 1 and LNG package. The delivery is expected to take place in 2017.

The two vessels will be employed together with two existing vessels to assist LNG, LPG and condensate carriers at the Port of Darwin starting late 2017. The newbuilds are also part of Svitzer’s promise to support the expected increase in operational activity within the Port of Darwin.

As well as towage, the other services the tugs will be required to provide are: Safety standby i.e. a tug that can be deployed quickly, irrespective of time or day; Emergency and environment incident response; Fire-fighting; Support for maintenance work on INPEX’s marine infrastructure; and Salvage operations within the Port.

Svitzer has previously placed an order with Sanmar Shipyards for six ASD tugs, to be employed in the fulfillment of various towage contracts. It says Sanmar was chosen on the basis of its outstanding safety performance, construction quality and competitive price.


Sanmar Shipyards is one of the world’s leading tug builders with a production capacity of 30 tugboats per year at its two state of the art shipyards. The whole shipbuilding process is completed indoors, totally independent of atmospheric conditions.

A recent addition to its facilities is a new floating dry dock at its custom built ship building yard in Altinova, Turkey. The Rina-classed dock has been developed not only as a standard floating dock but as a tool to facilitate the launching of newly built vessels.

With a deck reinforced to 10 tonnes/sq.m in order to take a 24-axle Goldhofer heavy duty modular trailer/carrier and its load, the dock has an unusually deep pontoon of 4 m, an inner beam of 28 m and a length of 83.8 m.

It can lift a total of 3,000 tonnes, however, provision has been made in the design enabling the dock, if required, to be extended to 120 m and reach a lifting capacity of 5,000 tonnes.

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