JonRie equips Haifa Harbor docking tugs

Written by Nick Blenkey
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SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 — JonRie InterTech, Manahawkin, NJ, has supplied two shipsets of equipment to two new Navy Ship Docking Tugs delivered from Israel Shipyards Ltd.’s Haifa Shipyard this summer.

The compact 17 m long tugs have a bollard pull of 15 tons and will support the docking and undocking of Naval vessels in Haifa harbor.

The tugs are outfitted with JonRie Series 200 hawser winches on the bow complete with windlass and gypsy heads. The winches have a line pull of 5 tons and a line speed of 45 meters/m and have a winch brake with a capacity of 60 tons.

The winch and gypsy are design to handle 200 mm ropes and the windlass is designed to lift a 45 kg Anchor.

On the stern of each tug is a JonRie Series 416 capstan with a line pull of 3 tons and a line speed of 30 meters/m.

The aft crane, hydraulics and controls were supplied by Pine Hill Equipment, Westport, MA.  

The controls and hydraulics were designed by Pine Hill in collaboration with JonRie to support all the deck equipment on the new tugs. The system includes a proportional control for winch speed and a render system for safety and abort of the tow line. The abort system has one button in all locations to start the system and release the line.

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