First low-speed installation of TCT60 turbocharger

Written by Nick Blenkey
The PBST TCT60 type turbocharger pictured during the shop test at HSD Engine

The PBST TCT60 type turbocharger pictured during the shop test at HSD Engine

Augsburg, Germany, headquartered turbocharger and after treatment specialist PBST has announced the first installation of its TCT60 turbocharger in a two-stroke application.

The turbocharger is bound for an MAN B&W 6G70ME-C10.5 LP-SCR engine, currently under construction by HSD Engine in Korea.

The two-stroke engine’s shop test took place successfully in April 2021. Because of COVID-19, a reduced test-bed team—comprising local HSD, MAN PrimeServ and PBST staff—participated on-site, while remote support was provided by a PBST development team and performance engineers in Copenhagen via an MAN PrimeServ EyeTech link—an assisted-reality, remote-support tool that facilitates mobile video-conferences via data glasses.

Hyundong Hwang, Manager Initial Design Team, HSD Engine, said: “HSD is proud to be the first engine builder to apply the PBST TCT60 turbocharger to a two-stroke application. We thank PBST for their great support during the turbocharger matching, especially considering the unique constraints imposed by the pandemic.”

Manuel Stork, Head of Sales & License, Turbocharger & Exhaust Gas Treatment, Asia Pacific, PBST, said: “It’s a significant step for the PBST portfolio as another turbocharger type makes its debut in the market. Thanks to great support locally—as well as remotely from MAN Energy Solutions in Augsburg and Copenhagen—we managed to smoothly execute the shop test despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Notably, the TCT60 matched first time with the engine without requiring the changing of any flow parts—to HSD’s great satisfaction.”


PBST—a MAN Energy Solutions brand—launched the TCT turbocharger series in 2019, starting with the TCT40, which was subsequently followed by the TCT50 and TCT60. Ultimately, the series will comprise six frame-sizes, ranging from TCT30 to TCT80.

The newly developed radial compressor and axial turbine are key components of the series. Both have been developed with the latest simulation technologies, paired with new design features, resulting in a very compact and lightweight turbocharger design. Thanks to its superior charging efficiencies, wide compressor maps and ample matching options, TCT turbochargers can easily be matched to a large range of engines. Their variability covers not only a wide range of engine-tuning options and fuel types, but also all new requirements of today’s exhaust-gas after-treatment systems for IMO Tier III operations.

In general, TCT turbochargers offer the following features:

  • long TBOs
  • maintenance-friendly service concept
  • highest efficiency levels
  • compact and lightweight design
  • high-performance bearings.

In two-stroke engine applications, TCT-series turbochargers are suitable for engines ranging from 5.5 MW up to 24 MW per turbocharger. Typical applications include as prime movers for container vessels, large bulk carriers or tankers.

As high performance solutions, TCT turbochargers are not solely aimed at low-speed engines; they are also extremely suitable for the two-stage turbocharging of four-stroke, medium-speed engines.

In MAN’s Ecocharge systems, they are paired with TCX series turbochargers as high-pressure stages. In this configuration, turbocharging efficiency levels of up to 80%—a market-leading accomplishment—can be achieved. Medium-speed engines with Ecocharge systems provide fuel-efficient power for a great variety of applications including both cruise ships and power plants that supply electricity to entire cities.

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