ferry design

October 2022 Marine Log magazine

October 2022

Leading up to Marine Log’s FERRIES 2022 conference, we look at the ferry market and ridership, ferry design, and what’s happening in the cruise ship industry.

October 2021 Marine Log

October 2021

This issue focuses on a unique approach to ferry design, plus more ferry and cruise industry news. Learn about a new rail ferry, how ferry ridership is set to boom, and more!

Passenger ferry designers look ahead

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has put a dent in recent passenger demand, designers are looking ahead to a, hopefully, brighter future with a slew of interesting new and greener designs. An innovative

September 2020 Marine Log

September 2020

This Great Lakes annual issue looks at ports and shipping in the area, in addition to maritime education centers. Other topics include ferry design innovations, scrubber technology, and more.