VIDEO: Norled puts hydrogen powered ferry into operation

Written by Nick Blenkey
Norled hyydogen fuel cell powered ferry

Norled hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry Hydra has gotten the regulatory go ahead to start operations

Norwegian green ferry pioneer Norled marked a world first today, putting a liquid hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry, the MF Hydra, into regular scheduled operation.

Built by Norway’s Westcon Shipyard and designed by LMG Marin, the 82.4 x 17.00 meter vessel has a car capacity of 80 units, a trailer capacity of 10 units and a 290 person passenger capacity and is designed to operate on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) Hjelmeland-Skipavik-Nesvik triangular route.

Germany’s Linde Engineering supplied the vessel’s on board hydrogen systems. The fuel cells powered by the hydrogen are Ballard FC Wave units. Additionally, the vessel has a Corvus Orca battery bank.

Since the turn of the year, Norled has been carrying out system tests at the quay in Hjelmeland. In recent weeks, it has been running sea trials and has now received the final approvals from the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) needed to start revenue operations.

It is probably obtaining the regulatory approvals as much as the technology that has been the greatest challenge in getting the vessel into service.

In his enthusiasm over getting the hydrogen fuel ferry into service, Norled’s CTO Erlend Hovland may have somewhat overstated the accomplishment.

“This is fantastic! There are only two parties in the world that use liquid hydrogen as a fuel. These are Norled with the MF Hydra, and then the space industry using it as fuel for launches,” he said.

That might come as a surprise to CMB and its CMB.TECH offshoot which have several vessels in the water burning liquid hydrogen in internal combustion engines.

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