Podcast: BAE Systems on powering the Beluga24 ferry by Green City Ferries

Written by Heather Ervin
Joe Hudsepth and Fredrik Thornell

Joe Hudspeth, BAE Systems (left), and Fredrik Thornell, Green City Ferries (right)

In this edition of Listen Up! podcast, we’re bringing back Joe Hudspeth, Director of Business Development-Global Marine with BAE Systems, on Powering Green City Ferries high-speed emission-free catamaran passenger ferry, the Beluga24. Joining Hudspeth is Green City Ferries CEO Fredrik Thornell.

The Beluga24 comes with two emission-free options—battery electric for short journeys and hydrogen fuel cell for long ones—and it has been designed as a multi-purpose solution for public transportation with space for 147 passengers and 28 bicycles. Built in light-weight carbon fiber and with a foil-assisted hull, the vessels reduce energy demand by 50% compared to conventional high-speed catamarans and produce a smooth ride with very little wake.

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