New all-electric car ferry to have Corvus battery systems

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The new all-electric ferry will operate on the Halhjem-Våge route in Hordaland

NOVEMBER 30, 2017—Corvus Energy, Richmond, BC, Canada, reports that it has been chosen by Norwegian Electric System (NES) to supply a lithium-ion-based energy storage system (ESS) for a new all-electric ferry being built by Norway’s Fjellstrand for Norwegian ferry operator Fjord1.

Based on Fjellstrand’s ZeroCat design, the new all-electric ferry will be equipped with a 2.9MWh Orca Energy ESS to power all vessel operations.

Building on the success of the award-winning MF Ampere, the fully electric ferry will have a length of 87.5 meters and a beam of 20.8 meters and will carry 120 cars, 12 trucks and a passenger saloon to accommodate 296 passengers. In order to optimize for lowest possible energy consumption the vessel will be built in aluminum with a catamaran hull.

It will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The new all-electric ferry will operate on the Halhjem-Våge route in Hordaland near the shipyard.

The MF Ampere, the first all-electric car ferry, has been in operation for Norway’s Norled since 2015.

Fjord1 ferries are an integral part of the transportation infrastructure along the west coast of Norway, crossing the fjords and connecting the islands to the mainland. The Fjord1 ferries and passenger boats transported 10.5 million vehicles and 21.5 million passengers in 2014.

“Corvus Energy is very honored to have been selected to supply the battery systems for this all-electric ferry,” says Roger Rosvold, Director of Sales at Corvus Energy. “The proven Orca Energy ESS continues to set the standard for maritime energy storage solutions.”

Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) is a total system integrator of diesel electric and hybrid electric systems for the global marine market. Energy storage systems such as the Orca Energy ESS are at the heart these projects.

“This vessel will set a new standard for all-electric ferries. With the Corvus Orca ESS, it will be able to sail further than existing all-electric ferries,” says Stein Ruben Larsen, Vice President Sales at NES. “The Orca ESS met all the strict requirements of this project and the technical and commercial support from Corvus’ local Bergen office was instrumental in securing this contract,” says Larsen.

As the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime applications, Corvus offers the innovative Orca ESS solutions portfolio and has unsurpassed experience from 100+ projects, totaling over 75MWh and 1.5 million operating hours.


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