Enterprise software upgrades help Sydney Ferries boost vessel availability and reliability

Written by Nick Blenkey

sydney ferriesAustralia’s Sydney Ferries has completed what enterprise software provider Ventyx describes as a “significant” upgrade of Ventyx Ellipse for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), on time and on budget. Sydney Ferries also implemented other  Ventyx solutions as part of a strategic review of business processes and systems.

Ventyx, an ABB company, says that as a result Sydney Ferries has achieved functional improvements that include an increase in vessel availability to 90 percent, up from 71 percent five years ago. And despite the age and complexity of Sydney Ferries’ fleet, vessel reliability has increased for a fifth-consecutive year, to reach 98 percent.

Sydney Ferries’ fleet consists of 28 vessels, which travel around 1.3 million kilometers per year. Each year the ferry service transports more than 14 million people across Sydney Harbor and the Parramatta River.

“With millions of people relying on our ferry service, it is essential we meet strict performance guidelines and government regulations – ensuring both the safety and comfort of our passengers, and delivering them on time to their destinations,” said David Toose, CFO of Sydney Ferries. “Investing in the foundation to achieve these goals – asset and work management – is therefore a strategic imperative.”

Sydney Ferries is using Ventyx Ellipse for asset and work management, finance and HR, while Ventyx Critical Inventory Optimization has improved procurement of stock items and reduced inventory holdings. It has also rolled out Ventyx’s hosted business-to-business procurement solution, replacing manually printed purchasing forms and enforcing government-delegated authority rules.

Sydney Ferries also deployed web services, enabling delivery of a customized portal at the helm of each vessel, so that staff can immediately report any incidents to Sydney Ferries’ headquarters.

“Ventyx continues to demonstrate how its broad solutions portfolio can help customers achieve significant business value,” said John Moran, vice president of public infrastructure APAC, Ventyx. “We look forward to continuing our productive partnership with Sydney Ferries in further expanding its work and asset management capabilities to benefit workers and passengers alike.”

Sydney Ferries is a government agency of Transport for NSW, which is responsible for New South Wales’ transport coordination, policy and planning for rail, bus, ferry and road services and its related infrastructure.

April 23, 2012

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