Conrad to build four cargo/passenger ferries for Puerto Rico

Written by Nick Blenkey
cargo/passenger ferry

Image: Conrad Shipyard

Morgan City, La., based Conrad Shipyard, LLC has been awarded a contract by the Puerto Rico Maritime Transit Authority (PRMTA) for the construction of four cargo/passenger ferry vessels. The ferries, each designed to carry 300 passengers and 300 short tons of cargo, will operate between the Municipality of Ceiba and the Municipality Islands of Vieques and Culebra in Puerto Rico.

Conrad expects to deliver the first of the four cargo/passenger ferries to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in late 2024.

“The passenger amenities incorporated into the ferries were designed with comfort and convenience in mind, enhancing the overall experience for those traveling between Puerto Rico’s ports,” says Conrad. “With modern propulsion systems, and advanced design techniques for optimum space utilization, these ferries will stand the test of time and service the residents for decades to come.”

“We are honored to have been selected by the Puerto Rico Maritime Transit Authority for this important project,” said Johnny Conrad, Chairman and CEO of Conrad Shipyard. “This contract supports our commitment to delivering quality vessels that prioritize safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort. We look forward to partnering with the Puerto Rico Maritime Transit Authority once again to deliver these vessels.”

Conrad previously built and delivered two ferries to PRMTA which are still operating in and around Puerto Rico today.

“We are excited to work alongside Conrad Shipyard on this project,” said Josué Menendez Agosto, Executive Director of PRMTA. “These new ferries will play a vital role in improving connectivity across our region and facilitating the movement of both passengers and vehicles to and from the Island Municipalities. These new vessels will provide the much-needed resiliency that the residents from the island municipalities of Vieques and Culebra need during normal operations and under emergency situations. Based on our past relationship, we are confident that Conrad Shipyard’s dedication to excellence will result in vessels that exceed our expectations.”

Suppliers to the project include Morgan City based Sewart Supply. “We are very excited to be a part of this project!,” it wrote on a social media post. “Thank you Conrad Shipyard and the Puerto Rico Maritime Transit Authority for choosing Sewart to supply the Twin Disc MGX61500SC marine gears and EC600 electronic controls for these four cargo and passenger ferries.”

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