VIDEO: Elon Musk gives sneak peek at new drone ship

Written by Nick Blenkey
Drone ship was converted from deck barge

Screen grab from Elon Musk tweet

Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to share video of the new SpaceX drone ship, but didn’t give many details. However, reports are that it was converted from a former McDonough Marine Services deck barge, the MARMAC 302, and that name can still be seen painted on its bows and stern in the video.

You can download the spec sheet for that barge HERE.

Obviously, a lot of work has been done to transform the barge into the vessel in Elon Musk’s video, A Shortfall of Gravitas, or ASOG. Fan site SpaceX Fleet has posted an image of the barge under conversion, apparently at Bollinger Shipyards’ Bollinger Fourchon facility in Port Fourchon, La.

To learn more about the new droneship, we’ll all have to wait until Elon Musk decides to say a little more!

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