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First new U.S.-flag factory processor in 25 years delivered

Written by Marine Log Staff
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FEBRUARY 5, 2017—The F/V Araho—the first U.S.-flag freezer factory processor built at a U.S. shipyard in 25 years—was recently delivered by Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc., Panama City, FL, recently to O’Hara Corporation, Rockland, ME, for service in the Bering Sea off of Alaska.

Based on a ST 115 design from Norway’s Skipsteknisk, AS, the Araho has a highly efficient hull shape that reduces hull resistance and increases fuel efficiency. She is built to DNV class +1A1, Stern Trawler, E0 Notation for hull and DNV ICE 1B.

The Araho is to be fully equipped with state of the art systems for bottom and pelagic trawling with single trawl.

The electrically driven winches were supplied by Rapp Marine. They are designed for regeneration of power. Rapp Marine and O’Hara Corp have had a working relationship for decades, supplying deck machinery and service for the O’Hara fishing fleet.

A total of 14 Rapp Marine pieces of deck equipment aboard: two Electric Trawl Winches, two  Electric Gilson Winches, two Electric Double Net Drums, an Electric Single Net Drum, three Electric Cod End/Outhaul Winches, an Electric Net Sounding Winch, two Hydraulic Anchor Winches, and a Hydraulic Capstan.

The main processing equipment inside the enclosed factory will include various types of fish heading machines and factory systems, consisting of transport systems, fish grader, storage tanks, weighing graders, weighing system, packing tables, packing machine, automatic horizontal freezer system, block elevators, etc.

The design intention of the process deck layout and the equipment selected for transport and handling is to achieve a system with the largest amount of automation, assisting the employees working in the processing area. This arrangement is designed to achieve very high throughput with minimum fish damage and improve employee efficiency—all in a clean and safe work area.

The vessel is outfitted with three working cranes for various onboard operations.

One aft deck crane is dedicated to work during fishing operations. It is a 360° deck crane with a telescopic boom with a lifting capacity 6,400 pounds and a maximum working radius of 35 feet.

One midship deck crane (also 360°and with a telescopic boom) is dedicated as an off‐loading crane for continuous operation in port.

One forward deck crane is also dedicated for continuous operation during off‐loading in port. It is a 360° deck crane with knuckle boom operated by its own hydraulic power unit.

The Araho is powered by one EPA Tier 3-compliant EMD MEL16‐710G7 diesel engine rated at 4,000 HP at 900 rpm and provided by Valley Power Systems, Inc., Seattle, WA. The propulsion vertical offset Lufkin reduction gear model VSQ4134HG‐K‐PTO with a 7.20:1 reduction is owner supplied.

While underway, a propulsion gear driven 1,700 kW shaft generator will provide constant voltage and serve as the vessel’s primary electrical power source for utilization of the vessels total installed equipment, winches, processing, fish handling systems, pumps and ships services, etc.

Secondary electrical power is provided by two 550 kW Caterpillar C18 Tier 3 generator sets and emergency power is provided by one 95 kW Caterpillar C4.4 Tier 3 emergency generator. All are rated for 60 Hz, at 480 V AC.

The accommodations and interior outfitting are designed for 54 persons, excluding the hospital, and are, completely insulated for the harsh working environment. Marine Interior Systems, Covington, LA, was the Joiner and Insulation sub‐contractor for the vessel.

Eastern Shipbuilding has a long relationship with the O’Hara Corporation that has seen it deliver five previous fishing vessels to the company.

Main Dimensions
Length, Overall: 194 ft 0 in (59.13 m)
Length, Between Perpendiculars: 170 ft 0 in (51.82 m)
Beam: 49 ft 0 in (14.94 m)
Depth: (to main deck) 19 ft 4 in (5.90 m)
Depth: (to trawl deck) 28 ft 3 in (8.61 m)
Depth: (to 1st deck) 36 ft 7 in (11.15 m)

Fuel Oil: 116,000 USG (440 m3)
Potable Fresh Water: 10,500 USG (40 m3)
Technical Fresh Water: (forepeak) 18,500 USG (70 m3)
Freezer Cargo Hold: 38,500 ft3 (1100 m3)
Carton‐store on Main Deck: 5,000 ft3 (140 m3)
Lube Oil Storage Tank: 4,000 USG (15 m3)


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