Fincantieri to build caissons for Costa Concordia salvage operation

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costa concordia-1JULY 5, 2012 — Fincantieri has received a contract for the construction of 30 steel caissons that will be used in the Costa Concordia salvage operation.

The contract, described as “worth tens of millions of euros” to the Italian shipbuilder, will see the caissons built at a number of Fincantieri shipyards. The 30 caissons will have a total weight of about 11,500 tons.

The bins will be installed on one side of the cruise ship and gradually filled with water to facilitate the straightening of the vessel, using a set of  “strand jacks” attached to the underwater platform support. Once the ship is straightened, water-filled caissons will be installed on the other side. The caissons of both sides will then be emptied from the water, so as to float the ship and allow towing in an Italian port.

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