Danish Shipowners Association launches CO2 emissions study

Written by Nick Blenkey
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JULY 1, 2016  — The Danish Shipowners’ Association supports global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping and Danish shipping companies are already undertaking a number of initiatives to limit these emissions. 

However, when it comes to quantifying companies’ potential to reduce emissions and the consequences, there is need for more facts on which to base figures.

The Shipowners’ Association has therefore initiated a study of shipping CO2 emissions and the reduction options available. The study is being made with support from the Danish Maritime Fund. 

“We lack knowledge about how and how much CO2 emissions from shipping can be lowered,” says Shipowners’ Association deputy director Maria Bruun Skipper. “There is a need for a concrete idea on ​​how far you can get through technical and operational measures, and what additional regulations might be, for example, a market-based mechanism. in addition, we must have clarification on the impact that regulatory measures will have on the industry and on transportation by sea. The study will thus provide a better basis for discussing the maritime contribution to achieving the objective of the COP21 agreement.”

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