AMPOL demonstrates sunken oil recovery system

Written by Nick Blenkey

subdredgeJUNE 11, 2012 — Oil spill response and environmental solutions provider American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL) recently exhibited and presented new advances in oil spill technology at the Clean Pacific Conference in Long Beach, Calif., in May.

As part of AMPOL’s exhibit, the Tornado Motion Technologies (TMT) Subdredge was displayed and demonstrations were performed to showcase the movement of the system’s remote controlled articulating suction attachment.

The Subdredge unit is the heart of AMPOL’s Oil Stop Bottom Oil Recovery System (OSBORS), a specialized package of equipment designed to remove oil that has settled on the sea floor. The Subdredge is a track-driven vehicle equipped with TMT’s EDDY pump, which is engineered to handle a higher percentage of solid material and more highly viscous material than any existing centrifugal pump.

AMPOL’s OSBORS system recently executed a variety of tests at the Oil and Hazardous Materials Simulated Environmental Test Tank (OHMSETT) in Leonardo, N.J. The OHMSETT facility allows industry professionals to work with real oil in simulated environments. As a result of the testing, adaptations were made to the OSBORS system. AMPOL says the system’x ability to effectively remove sunken oil in the OHMSETT tests proved the system as a viable method for sunken oil recovery.

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