VIDEO: Stena Bulk trials 100% biofuel in MR tanker

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Stena Bulk MR vessel Stena Immortal ran on 100% biofuel during a 10-day sea trial

The 49,646 dwt Stena Bulk MR tanker Stena Immortal ran on 100% biofuel during a recent 10-day sea trial. The tanker received the first delivery of GoodFuels Bio Fuel Oil during a call at the Port of Rotterdam.

According to GoodFuels, use of the fuel, which it launched in 2018, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 83% and substantially reduces SOX emissions.

The trial was completed on Stena Immortal as she ran in typical commercial operation. During the trial, BFO was tested in tanks, storage and as it was burned in the engines, the fuel was again proven to be a technically compliant alternative to the fossil default for oceangoing tanker vessels.

The success of this trial, says GoodFuels underlines sustainable marine biofuel’s position within the marine fuel mix, and helps owners and operators to future-proof against current and impending regulations. As the trial was conducted with 100% biofuel, it also shows that low-carbon shipping doesn’t have to be decades away but is also viable in the shorter term if industry leaders work together to push the development.

Because it substantially reduces CO2 and SOX emissions, GoodFuels’ Bio Fuel Oil ensures compliance with the IMO 2020 sulfur cap and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction targets.

“The Stena Immortal performed very well running on the biofuel while continuing to deliver according to our customers’ needs without any disruption,” says Erik Hånell, President and CEO Stena Bulk. “The industry needs pioneers willing to collaborate, share knowledge and push the development towards more sustainable shipping. We’re happy to collaborate with GoodFuels in this test to take on that mission and encourage others to join us.”

“We are delighted this test with Stena Bulk was a success and want to thank them for joining us in our mission to develop a carbon-busting solution that is scalable, truly sustainable, technically compliant and, crucially, affordable,” says Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO, GoodFuels Marine. “For the past five years, we have focused on realizing the widescale use of sustainable marine biofuel, which has enabled us to continue to develop biofuels as a true solution to the market’s problems. Today’s announcement marks yet another a crucial move towards offering the shipping industry a credible near-zero carbon alternative to HFO and VLSFO.”

Following the successful trial on Stena Immortal, Stena Bulk and GoodFuels Marine will continue working together to gain more experience and scale the usage of Bio Fuel Oil as an alternative to conventional fossil-based fuel.

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