Caterpillar sees methanol as a key fuel for maritime decarbonization

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Caterpillar Marine is investing in methanol-fueled engine technologies. It says the commitment supports the development of decarbonization efforts in the marine industry by offering cost effective methanol-powered solutions without sacrificing the value that its customers expect from Caterpillar.

“In order to continue supporting our customers with their climate-related goals Caterpillar Marine will continue exploring combustion technologies such as methanol,” said Derrick York, Caterpillar Marine’s managing director. “Today’s products are being designed to be upgradable for future methanol utilization, thus further enabling the energy transition.”

The company also announced that it has joined the Green Maritime Methanol consortium (GMM), to work with other companies in the maritime industry to streamline adoption of methanol as a maritime transport fuel. Green methanol, an important candidate as a future fuel for the shipping industry, can be produced in a sustainable way, is easily stored on board ships, and can provide a near-zero carbon intensity.

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