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New Obama Iran sanctions hit maritime companies

More maritime companies have fallen foul of U.S. efforts to shut down Iran’s nuclear program — including Israel’s Ofer Brothers Group. It is one of two companies on which sanctions are being

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Tidewater promotes three to VP positions

Offshore services giant Tidewater Inc. (NYSE:TDW) reports the promotions of Nelson Greer, Mark Handin and Darren Vorst to Vice Presidents of Tidewater companies, effective April 1, 2011. Mr. Greer joined Tidewater in

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Christopher J. Wiernicki to become ABS CEO in April

ABS President and Chief Operating Officer Christopher J. Wiernicki will assume the duties of Chief Executive Officer of ABS following the classification society’s annual meeting in April 2011. Robert D. Somerville, currently

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Conservancy takes title to SS United States

Marking a significant in the effort to save and redevelop the legendary ocean liner SS United States, the SS United States Conservancy will announce that it has acquired title to the ship.

Island Offshore orders LNG-fueled PSV’s

The vessels are scheduled for delivery in the second and third quarters of 2012. The hulls will be built at the Braila shipyard in Romania, and outfitted in Brevik, Norway. The total value of the contracts amounts to approximately NOK 900 million (about $143 million).

The vessels are of Rolls-Royce UT776 CDG design. Island Offshore has four UT776’s in service and two more under construction. The vessels just ordered at STX Offshore Norway will be the first for Island Offshore to be LNG-fueled and, in fact, the first LNG fueled UT vessels designed and powered by Rolls-Royce.

“We are extremely happy with the performance of these UT vessels, as are our clients,” said Island Offshore Managing Director Håvard Ulstein. “A very important area for Island Offshore is reduction in fuel consumption. With the UT 776, the favourable hull lines contribute to a very low consumption rate over a wide range of operating drafts. We believe that the most significant contribution to reducing emissions is to reduce fuel consumption for a given amount of work done. Going for LNG fuel is a logical step in reducing emissions even further.”

Rolls-Royce has worked for several years developing designs and systems for offshore vessels using LNG as fuel.

Rolls-Royce has developed a gas-electric diesel-electric propulsion system for the new vessel. The effective capacity of the gas tanks is about 200 cu.m, corresponding to 10-20 day operation on gas alone depending on the exact operational profile. The gas engines are two of the new C26:33 series from Rolls-Royce.

“Now that more gas infrastructure is in place, it is realistic for customers to select this fuel and these designs and systems” commented Atle Gaasø,Rolls-Royce’s General Manager Sales for offshore service vessels. “We are very happy to be working with Island Offshore, as they are a very forward-thinking company with a strong focus on efficiency and the environment, as they have already shown with their pioneering Rolls-Royce designed well intervention vessels.”

“The UT 776 type has seen continued development from order to order, with our newest vessels building upon the experience and lessons learned from our earlier ones. By choosing this design we have managed to maintain high levels of standardization, and continue the good cooperation on design and equipment we have with Rolls-Royce. The current design sets a standard that we think will do very well for the future,” added Håvard Ulstein.

The new UT776 CDG is 96 m long with a beam of 20 m, and will transport all normal offshore supplies. The ship will also be equipped for oil recovery. Deadweight is approximately 4,750 t

Roy Reite, President of STX Norway Offshore, says: “We appreciate the good relations we have with Island Offshore, and that this cooperation once again has led to the building of new vessels. We have in total been awarded more than thirty new building contracts with Island Offshore, and we look forward to continuing the good cooperation.”