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USCG makes plans to free four trapped in capsized car carrier

Written by Nick Blenkey
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Screen grab from USCG video

At approximately 1 p.m., Monday, it was confirmed the remaining four crew members were still alive inside the capsized car carrier Golden Ray and an extraction plan is being developed to safely rescue them.

@USCGSoutheast tweeted the following

[email protected] and salvage crews are developing an extraction plan to safely rescue the 4 #GoldenRay crew members. This is a slow, but safe process. #HappeningNow #BreakingNews

Twenty of the 24 people on board were rescued earlier.

Early media reports say that the Coast Guard heard tapping from the propeller shaft area of the vessel and that holes have been drilled in the area allowing food and water to be passed to the four crew members

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