Live from SMM: Big data changes business model

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Radio Holland CEO Paul Smulders (left) talks big data

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016—Unlocking big data is a key to making shipping more efficient. But securing that data is also critical.

With most of the equipment and systems on board a ship networked, shipowners and operators can collect untold amounts of data that are changing the traditional shipping business model.

“We have to think with the customer on how to bring down operational costs,” says Radio Holland CEO Paul Smulders. “One of the challenges that the owner is going to face is cybersecurity, with all the ships connected to the internet. We have to make sure that the systems onboard are protected.”

Smulders talks about how the use of big data can reduce the total cost of ownership, maritime cybersecutiy, and how Radio Holland’s remote maintenance service works.

You can hear the full podcast interview by clicking the link below.


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