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Peruvian Navy takes delivery of versatile DSV

Written by Nick Blenkey
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MARCH 12, 2017 — Peruvian shipbuilder Servicios Industriales de la Marina S.A. (SIMA) recently delivered the BAP Morales to the Peruvian Navy.

Features include a four point anchoring system and a launch and recovery system (LARS) for deploying an open diving bell.

Designed in-house by the shipyard, the 4,400 HP dive support vessel has significant towing capabilities and is officially designated as an Auxiliary Salvage Tug.

The 32 m long by 12 m beam vessel has a molded depth of 4.5 meters on a finely-shaped, double chined hull.

Accommodations are provided for a crew of 20 with additional space for up to 13 divers.

perutug300Propulsion power is provided by a pair of Cummins QSK60 MCRS main engines each developing 2,200 HP at 1,800 RPM. The engines turn 91.25 in, four-blade Kaplan type propellers in nozzles mounted on 8.5-in diameter shafts, via ZF W11200 main gears with 7.286:1 reduction.

This combination gives the vessel a hefty 52-ton bollard pull as well as a free running speed of 12 knots.

Tankage includes 50,000 gallons of fuel and 17,000 gallons of potable water.

Photos courtesy of the Peruvian Navy and Cummins Perú


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