MacGregor introduces next gen deck machinery

Written by Marine Log Staff
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Combined windlass-mooring winch

With experience dating back to 1875 and benefiting from proven Pusnes, Hatlapa and TTS technologies, MacGregor has introduces the next generation of its deck machinery.

MacGregor says the new range provides significant benefits to shipbuilders and shipowners. It is easy to install and maintain, due to a reduction in the number of components and consumables used.

Reliability and performance have been improved by incorporating proven technologies that have been further developed to optimize weight and increase competitiveness. Operational availability is maximized and unplanned downtime minimized through the use of qualified components and the latest technology.

Safety, which is MacGregor’s highest priority, can be further enhanced by selecting the combined windlass and mooring winch, where the intelligent control block enables safe anchor lifting and prevents equipment damage in severe weather conditions.

“A clear focus was to further improve the reliability and performance of the winches,” says Christian Heyden, director deck machinery and steering gear engineering. “Due to the reduced varieties of components we were also able to simplify maintenance, reduce the amount of consumables and make life easier for crew and operators.”

“Based on the results of comprehensive FE-Analysis we have optimized and aligned the size range of the winch portfolio for a better operational performance.”

“And due to the improved assembly structure, installation and maintenance is also much easier. Smart features like the intelligent winch control block and the motor protection integrated in the chain stopper we offer further opportunities to improve the safety of the anchor operation significantly,” Heyden adds.

The windlass and mooring winches are available with a modular HPU (MacGregor type MHW) and full electrical drive (MacGregor type MEW).

The delivery of the first winches will be in 2022

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