COVID-19: TSA extends TWIC expiration dates by 180 days

Written by Marine Log Staff
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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is granting a temporary exemption from regulatory requirements relating to the expiration of Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWICs). For the duration of this exemption, TSA will extend the expiration date of TWICs that expired on or after March 1, 2020, by 180 days. The exemption will remain in effect through 31 July, 2020.

In a Federal Register notice, the TSA notes:

There are 2,294,797 active TWICs in circulation today, and TSA records indicate that 234,536, or approximately 10% of them, will expire in the next six months. Social distancing practices in response to the COVID–19 crisis make gathering at enrollment centers unwise or prohibited. Approximately one-third of TSA’s TWIC enrollment centers have been forced to close because they are collocated with commercial or government offices that are closed as a result of COVID–19. For those that are operating, the process of collecting fingerprints, which is required for TWIC, and completing the enrollment process may introduce risk to enrollment center staff or TWIC applicants.

Read the Federal Register notice HERE

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